Kaizen Leaders Certification

Who Should Attend?

Are you interested in learning about new tools and methods to add value to your enterprise? Do you have a desire to get the best from your team and become a complete Leader? Do you want to lead a remarkable transformation of your manufacturing plant & office to be best in class? If so, then this program is for you.

This program is geared particularly towards leaders in manufacturing & offices who are at the of the top of their career and are ready to become a "Kaizen Leader" such as:

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- Site Leaders
- CI Leaders
- Production Managers
- Owners/Managers
- Department Heads
- Team Leads



Kaizen Coach

The role of Kaizen Institute instructors is to:

  • Coach and develop the training and facilitation skills of trainees
  • Jointly oversee the improvement projects of your trainees
  • Mentor the trainees through successful hands-on projects
  • Certify trainees to be self-sufficient improvement leaders
  • Gemba exercices on the client
  • Improved team spirit
  • Client tailered made scheduel 


The successful continuous improvement leader will not only demonstrate the ability to lead projects and deliver business results in safety, quality, delivery cost, cash and employee engagement, they will also become the “viral agents” within the organization to spread continuous improvement as trainers, coaches and cross-functional kaizen event leaders.

Seminar Series Curriculum

The “Kaizen Management System " in manufacturing & offices

- The 7 Wastes of manufacturing & office Management

- Requirements and responsibilities of a - Kaizen Leader- Daily Standard Work

- Kaizen in manufacturing & office (case study)

- Development of a Kaizen strategy

- Kaizen implementation program (Road Map)

- Targeted selection of Kaizen tools & methods

- Establishment of a support organization

- Establishment of Visual Management to Manage KPI's

- Establishment of a Kaizen Culture

- Supporting a Kaizen Culture

- Integration of  daily Management

- Kaizen Change Management

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

Modules Online Learning Episodes Seminar-Agenda Items Live site
Module 1
Episode 04 Management Review in a Lean Culture | Part 1 of 1

1. Understand the principles of Kaizen

2. Hoshi Kanri – Management Review

3. Recognize the 7 wastes of manufacturing Including office environments

-Live site session
Module 2

Episode 05 Creating a Continuous Improvement/Lean Culture | Part 1 of 2

Episode 06 Creating a Continuous Improvement/Lean Culture | Part 2 of 2

1. How to support the development of a Kaizen culture within the organization

2. Overview of the Tools for work place organization

3. Overview of the Tools for process improvement

- Live site session

- Live site session

Module 3

Episode 07 Leadership Through Gemba Walking | Part 1 of 2

Episode 08 Leadership Through Gemba Walking | Part 2 of 2

1. Learn how to use visual management to manage key performance indicators

2. Learn how to implement morning meetings & Gemba Walks

3. Learn to unleash the Kaizen potential in the all the staff through coaching 4 Teach the staff to be problem finders and solvers 5 Develop a Kaizen implementation plan specific to your site

- Live site session

- Live site session

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