Benchmarks & Case Studies 

Implementation of the sales organisation model


sales profiles


• Sales under budget

• Organisation not placing focus on the customer

• Low sales productivity per salesperson

Root causes

• Lack of preparation for the moment of sale

• Uncontrolled sales process

• Salespeople involved in different sales channels: multitasking

• Lack of knowledge of customer segmentation by sales potential

• Sales teams not sized according to potential portfolio


sales model

• New customer-focused organisational model: assignment of salespeople and managers by sales channel according to profiles and segmentation

• Control and monitoring process of the Sales Funnel

• Standards of preparation and sales argument

• Training and coaching plan to improve salespeople's results


The project generated $3m per year.

ventes produits complémentaires

Retail sales

Retail sales increased by 20%. 

Rentabilité par jour

Business Centre Sales

Business Centre sales increased by 30%.

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