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War Room Implementation

The Challenge



Communication between areas/departments relatively poor

Lack of knowledge of activities in each department and misalignment to overall strategic goals

Teams with little focus on improvement

Root Causes

Information poorly systematised and lack of availability in some areas/departments

Indicator analysis occurs at irregular intervals and no defined timeframes

• Departments work in silos (or “isolated islands”), with limited interdepartmental communication

The Solution

• Implementation of a war room that contains the organisation's strategic initiatives, goals, business indicators and action plans

Definition of a weekly meeting routine for follow-up of strategic initiatives and alignment of results with the leaders of each area and management

War room organised by operational area for managing daily operations, detailed management of ongoing projects and problem-solving

The Results

The initiative was part of a 6-year KAIZEN™ transformation program



Sales increased by 20%



Productivity improved by 12.5%



Scrap reduced by 21%

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