Benchmarks & Client Cases

B2B Consumer Goods Sales Office

The Challenge

Salespeople time distribution
Overall Team Effectiveness


• Low conversion rate

• Sales volume under budget

Root Causes

• Low Overall People Efficiency (OPE)

• 60% of salesperson time was dedicated to rework

• Long Lead Time for quotation and order entry

The Solution

Sales Funnel Board
Sales Funnel Board

• Key process improvement in terms of delivery (D) and quality (Q)

• Development of sales funnel to manage lead-to-order flow

• Implementation of sales Mizusumashi that centralizes all the non-value added activities

The Results

The project had a payback period of less than 3 months with annual savings of $900,000.

Bids Win Rate

Bids Win Rate

The conversion rate increased by 47%.



Sales increased by 18%.

Salespeople Productivity

Salespeople Productivity

Productivity improved by 21%.

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