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B2B Sales Call Efficiency

The Challenge

Selling Behaviour Assessment 
Selling Behaviour Assessment


• Competitors with aggressive sales propositions are gaining market share

• Sales team with low win-rate of proposals

• Sales team holding on to traditional sales approaches, unable to adjust to the market demand

Root Causes

• Lack of information and preparation before the sales meeting, that would help in facing customer’s objections

• Lack of knowledge regarding the product features and the competitors offer

• Incorrect planning leads to sales meeting cancelations

The Solution

Thermometer Board
Thermometer Board

Sales Call Script
Sales Call Script

• Strategy definition to clarify market positioning and value offer

• Development of preparation checklist, standard for the sales call meeting and support materials to present during the calls

• Organizational model focused on the customer: salespeople and sales managers organised according to the channel

• Routines for sales funnel and KPI analysis to improve funnel progress rates

The Results

The project generated annual savings of $1.3 million.



Sales increased by 25%.

Charged Comissions

Charged Commissions

Charged commissions increased by 78%.

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