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Marketing Strategy for Complementary Products

The Challenge


• Low penetration rate of complementary products

• Sales teams with little focus on added value for the customer

Root Causes

• Little information available to the customer on complementary products

• Lack of clarity and difficult to understand product presentation strategy and conditions

• Sales teams overloaded with administrative tasks

• Poor customer segmentation and lack of adaptation of the approach to each segment

The Solution

Solutions services

VOC Analysis of Reasons for Not Buying Complementary Products

• Definition of Customer Segmentation Criteria

• Creation of visual content to support the sale of products and sales arguments by segment

Simplification and automation of administrative tasks to free up time for sales teams

The Results

The project generated $1.4m per year.

Lead Time

Complementary Products Sales

Sales of complementary products increased by 30%

Industrialisation travail

Profitability per Day

Profitability per day increased by 50%.

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