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Production Efficiency in Process Industry

The Challenge



• Breakdown maintenance losses of 14.7 hours/month

• Total duration of planned stoppages over the course of one year was 168.1 hours

• Average setup time of 74 minutes

• Quality losses of 9.15%

Root Causes

• Lack of information on unplanned stoppages and ad-hoc resolution of problems

• Performance losses due to lack of standard parameters for production

• Inefficient planned stoppages due to poor diagnosis, lack of resource allocation, material preparation and team coordination

• Micro-stoppages in paper transformation and undefined setup activities

• Suboptimal planning sequences

The Solution


• Structured Problem-Solving approach for unplanned stoppages, supported by detailed data

• Definition of optimal production parameters

• Standardized procedures and operator training

• More frequent planned stoppages managed through project management tools such as Last Planner, Risk Analysis and Task KANBAN

• Autonomous maintenance to reduce micro-stoppages during paper transformation

• Production sequencing guidelines and process standardization to minimize setup activities

The Results

The project had a payback period of 4 months with annual savings surpassing $1.7 million.



As a result of maintenance issues, breakdown times reduced by 20%

Planned Stoppages

Planned Stoppages

Time for planned stoppages reduced by 26%

Quality losses

Quality losses

Volume of quality losses reduced by 4%


Setup Time

Logistics productivity increase by 31% with optimization of layouts and containers

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