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Daily KAIZEN™ Routines in Decentralised Teams

The Challenge



• Difficulties in communication between internal teams and service providers

• Different service levels for each team

• High number of pending work orders

Root Causes

• Different processes across the different geographical areas

• Lack of control and monitoring of the performance of service providers - no KPIs

• High number of team members and managers - inadequate Span of Control

The Solution

Digital Daily KAIZEN™
platform for audits and performance monitoring

• Digital Mission Control Room for managing the implementation of improvement initiatives

Implementation of Digital Daily KAIZEN™ with standardised communication routines

Process improvement and standardisation for a unified vision

Creation of a platform for audits and performance monitoring

The Results

The initiatives managed in the Mission Control Room, generated over $2.3 million in OPEX savings.

Pending Service Orders

Pending Work Orders

Pending Work Orders reduced by 20%.

Provider Audits

Supplier Audits

Supplier Audits increased by 7.6%.

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