Kaizen Institute announces organization changes in Canada and the US.

Our ever-evolving business is preparing for our next challenges by reorganizing and refocusing Kaizen Institute North America’s leadership structure.

Effective immediately, KINA will be led by Neil Burck. Neil moves from being Director, Business Development to Chief Executive Officer of Kaizen Institute Canada and Kaizen Institute USA. Neil has a long history of success and we welcome his business expertise and strategic focus to lead us on to growth in the North American market. Neil has vast experience in international business and we’re confident that his vision and business acumen will place KINA in the best possible situation for its next phase of growth.

Dan Chartier will retain the title of President, and will be devoting his time in growing the North American Project Management business. This segment of our organization is growing quickly, and Dan’s attention to maximising this part of the business will be integral to our success.

Gary Rogers moves to President, Continuous Improvement Operations and will be spending 100% of his time to growing the CI business in both Canada and the US. In our new structure, Gary will be reporting to Neil Burck. All Canadian CI Consultants will continue to report to Gary.

Shawn Ledrew will move to Vice President, Business Operations and will be responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure necessary to sustain and grow our businesses is in place and capable of handling the support required to be successful in our dizzying array of client requirements and employee needs. Shawn will now report to Neil Burck.

Mike Micklewright will move to Senior Director, US CI Operations and will report to Gary Rogers, Mike’s support for Gary in this huge market will be key to our success in the USA. All US based CI Consultants will continue to report to Mike.

Chuck Cherry will continue his role as Director, Human Resources and will now report to Neil Burck.

We’re excited about the future! Our strong leadership team has just increased its focus and is well prepared to face the next challenges in KINA’s growth. Please join us in welcoming Neil to his new position and thanking Dan for his vision and hard work in getting us to this point. We’re confident that with your support, our next phase of growth will result in a more rewarding experience for our clients, our business and our employees.


The next Green Belt Program is being held in Denver Colorado May 2-5, 2017. The next Yellow Belt Program is being held in Toronto, Ontario June 6-9, 2017.

Public Kaizen/Lean Belt Certifications

The Lean Belt Certification programs are designed to give students the fundamental theories of Kaizen/Lean methodologies and teach new concepts and tools that can help organizations achieve and exceed their operational goals!

The Yellow Belt program is our foundation for an individuals Lean career.  Participants will be able to identify process improvement oppotunities and actively contribute to their organizations success, resulting in lower costs, higher quality and shorter lead times.  The only requirements for this program is a willingness to be open to new ideas, and a belief that all processes can be improved.

The Green Belt program is designed for someone who is actively participating in their employer's Kaizen/Lean journey.  After completion, participants will be able to effectively plan, lead and manage successful Kaizen/Lean Events.

To download one of our complete program brochures click this link.

For registration and a calendar of events click this link.


KINA is looking forward to seeing you in Portland, Oregon, January 9-11, 2017

NWFPA logo

Kaizen Institute North America is proud to announce they will be exhibiting at the Northwest Food and Beverage World 2017 Expo in Portland, Oregon from January 9th thru January 11th.

The Expo is sponsored by the NWFPA and they have created an educational program for this event that addresses the real time needs of food and beverage producers with 40+ educational sessions available.  The exhibit floor showcases cutting edge technology, services, and production and packaging line equipment fundamental to the success of most all food and beverage processors.  See this link for complete agenda, travel and hotel information.

While you’re there, please visit us at Booth 130 to meet and spend time with our Continuous Improvement/Lean and Project Management experts.  They will be available to discuss and assist you with your current challenges and needs.

We look forward to seeing you in Portland!!

Congratulations Gautam!

Gautam Thakur wins Global Client Management Award

Kaizen Institute North America (KINA) is proud to announce that Guatam Thakur was recognized at last month’s Global Awards Event for outstanding client management.

Gautam has been working closely with Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (PCS) for over three years now, and has been instrumental in some of their success in controlling costs and increasing reliability of their Allan, Cory and Lanigan facilities in Saskatchewan.  Guatam’s dedication to operational excellence for his clients is a huge factor in KINA’s growth over the past few years.

Congratulations and thank you Gautam!


Car Show for Cancer Research

Kaizen Institute is proud to support the Sapsford Family Show and Shine happening June 5 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. This event raises thousands annually for Prostate Cancer research.  We encourage anyone in the Saskatoon area to mark this down in your calendar and make the trek out to the farm to see this fantastic showcase of classic cars!

Sapsford family show and shine

Senior Consultant Gautam Thakur pens article on Workplace Organization from a Lean Perspective

Thanks to Gautam Thakur for contributing an article to the SmartDraw blog on Workplace Organization!  See the complete text of the article here.

Did you know that Kaizen Institute had a Youtube channel?

Here are a series of interviews from Kaizen leaders around the globe.  Some very thought provoking ideas about Kaizen/Lean.

Check them out here!

Calgary Stampede is the venue for this year's event

Kaizen North America is proud to be hosting this years Kaizen Annual Awards Event.  This event, which honors the outstanding contributions of consultants and business units across the Kaizen globe, will be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from July 4-8. 

We're looking forward to learning all we can from our colleagues internationally and bringing all that learning home to North America!

Here's Senior Consultant, Rob Koller carrying the torch for the AAE.

Your organization can now improve productivity and reduce waste through training one practitioner at a time.

Your ability to be able to certify as a Yellow Belt in Lean Kaizen is finally here.  Kaizen Institute North America has released it's initial schedule for Yellow, Green and Black belt certification today.  Below is the preliminary schedule for training across North America, as time goes on, more dates, and more courses will become available.

Yellow Belt Programs

  • Vancouver-Tuesday, April 5- Friday, April 8
  • Saskatoon- Tuesday, May 3- Friday, May 6
  • Calgary- Tuesday, May 30- Friday, June 3
  • Denver- Tuesday, Sept 13- Friday, Sept 16
  • Toronto- Tuesday, Oct 18- Friday, Oct 21
  • Atlanta- Tuesday, Nov 29- Friday, Dec 2

Green Belt Programs

  • Calgary- Monday June 13- Friday,  June 17
  • Atlanta- Monday, January 9- Friday, January 13

Black Belt Program

  • Canada- Monday,  January 23- Wednesday,  February 1, 2017

A description of the 4 day Yellow Belt training is explained here. Kaizen Yellow Belt Program

A brief agenda for the yellow, green and black belt programs is available here.  Kaizen Academy Belts

The link to register for the very first program being held in Vancouver, British Columbia or one of the other listed Yellow or Green Belt programs, please click here

To indicate your interest in registering for our Black Belt program, or if you'd like to set up a custom program for your organization, please contact Kaizen Institute North America through the  contact us widget here.

Sphere Management Group becomes Kaizen Institute Canada Ltd.

It’s a pretty exciting time around the Calgary office.  We’ve now done the legal necessaries to transform Sphere Management Group to Kaizen Institute Canada Ltd.  You’ll see us starting to rebrand everything pretty soon as our amalgamation application was approved. 

You’ll also see a press release fairly soon that the legal process for Kaizen Institute Canada to take over ownership of Kaizen Institute USA has been completed, so that sets the stage for us to be putting our face out there as Kaizen Institute North America. 

Magazine names SMG to fastest growing companies in Alberta list.

In other news, we’ve been notified that Sphere Management Group (who is now legally known as Kaizen Institute Canada Ltd.) was named to Alberta’s Fast Growth 50 list again for 2016.  We were on the list last year at number 33, and this year we’re number 37.  Check out the story.  Link to Alberta Venture Magazine Fast 50 list

North America Regional Support Unit hires first "regional" employee.

I’m happy to announce that Neil Burck has joined Kaizen North America effective January 4.  Neil is our new Director, Business Development and will report to Shawn Ledrew.  Neil will cover clients in both the USA and Canada.

Neil has a long history of success in Sales and Strategic Account management, and he also has a rich background in new business start-ups.  His areas of focus have been in food processing and equipment manufacturing.  In addition to his success in the US, Neil has also led growth for his organizations in Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Neil holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University and lives in Sisters, Oregon with his family.  Please join me in welcoming Neil to Kaizen!

Kaizen Institute Canada is recruiting for a Proposal Writer, a Project Manager and a Senior Continuous Improvement Consultant.

We're growing!  We find ourselves looking to fill the following positions.  If you are interested, feel free to send us your resume using the email address in the link. 

1. A Proposal Writer located in Calgary.  This person will work for our Business Development group.

2. A Senior Continuous Improvement Consultant based in Saskatoon.  This position is being recruited in anticipation of more work in the Saskatoon area.

3. A mid-level Project Manager position based in Saskatoon.  This position is being recruited in anticipation of new contracts in the Saskatoon area in early 2016.

Calgary holds 4 day certification program.

Kaizen Institute Canada just completed its first every Kaizen Yellow Belt certification program in Calgary.  We had 12 participants who learned the basics of Lean Management over a 4 day session.  Big thanks to Tundra Processing Solutions who hosted the program. 

Michael Smiles and Rob Koller from Kaizen Institute Canada facilitated the program, and from all reports it was hugely successful.  We had participants from Tundra Processing Solutions, SSi Lift, Nature's Path Foods, Devon Energy and two KIC internal participants.

Congratulations Yury Korlyakov and Rob Slivinski from KIC on completing the program!

Calgary Yellow Belt

Press release October 2, 2015


Kaizen Institute (Global Operations), Switzerland- October 2, 2015

Announcement- Kaizen Institute Consulting Group (North America)

It is with great pleasure that we announce, effective today, Sphere Project
Management Group (SPMG) and Kaizen Institute Canada are combining forces and
will start operating as one. With this, a new leadership group will direct Kaizen
Institute’s operations, within both countries of Canada and the USA, as well as the
project management services that have been up to now provided under the SPMG
offering in Canada only.

The new leadership group will be positioned as the North American Regional Support
Unit (RSU) of Kaizen Institute Consulting Group (KICG) headquartered in Zug,
Switzerland established in 1985 (the original continuous improvement/lean/KAIZENTM
consulting and training company). KICG’s North American RSU will provide
management and support services to both current and future KI Business Units within
Canada and the USA. This will enable an improved corporate structure to assist our
clients’ transformation activities, based on the KAIZENTM and lean methodologies,
through our consulting and training services within the region.

Dan Chartier and his senior leadership team, based in Calgary, Canada, will lead this
RSU, combined with support from key team members of Kaizen Institute’s US
operations. The North American RSU will work closely with other KICG RSUs under
the guidance and direction of KICG’s Global Operations for the benefit of our clients
we serve around the world. The project management “full project life cycle service”
SPMG brings to KICG, will help our clients specifically within the construction and
resource mining industries, as well as related sectors.

The combination of talents, resulting from this merger, will form a powerhouse of
experiences, which will further drive the business forward for KAIZENTM Consulting,
KAIZENTM Training & Education and KAIZENTM Project Management brands and
services throughout the region and beyond. This will allow us to provide improved
client support globally, via stronger communications and collaboration with other KI
offices, while KICG’s North American RSU will better be able to support its current
and future client base in Canada and the USA, via a more robust support structure
and leadership team.

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you,
please contact us at any time.

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group, Ltd.
HQ Global Operations - Zug, Switzerland
Email: or Learn more at:

Kaizen Institute Online Learning Series

Chris Leonard posted information about the new Kaizen Institute Online Learning Series.  See more about it below!

Exhibition booth set up in the Corral, Booth 2222

Kaizen Institute Canada kicks off its first day at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary AB. Gary Rogers and Shawn Ledrew man the booth on day one.
The Global Petroleum Show is an annual event which showcases the latest developments in oilfield technology.
Every year, over 50,000 attendees and 20,000 companies from 100 countries attend the three-day event.Gary Rogers and Shawn Ledrew at the GPS

Gary Rogers presenting at the GPS in the Heavy Oil Theater at 2:45 Wednesday.

The Kaizen Institute Canada is exhibiting at the Global Petroleum Show this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday June 9-11 in Calgary, Alberta.  

Come and see us at Booth 2222 in the Corral!

Also, if you are at the show on Wednesday, June 10, come and see Gary Rogers make a presentation on "Driving Value and Eliminating Waste in the Oil and Gas Industry" at 2:45 in the Heavy Oil Theater!

See more at the GPS website.

Kaizen Logo


Why do so many "Lean Initiatives" fail?
For decades a common problem for many companies has been that lean initiatives either fail, or, fail to sustain past just a few years. This article will discuss the most common causes. (Note: "Lean," also known as Toyota Production System, Continuous Improvement, Kaizen, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma.)

1) The most common cause of this issue is simply a misunderstanding of what the Toyota Production System is. What it is not is a "set of tools." What it is, is a system for identifying and solving problems.

Unless a problem is clearly defined, a gap identified, root causes analyzed, counter measures proposed, detailed implementation plans agreed upon (who, what, where, when, how and how much), and measurements agreed upon and routinely checked and communicated . . . then how will we know if the problem has been solved, much less truly understood?

By the way . . . it needs to be mentioned that statements such as "No 5S," or "No pull system," are not problems but rather describe symptoms. An example of a true problem is "Current time period from order-to-delivery does not meet our customer's requirements," or, "Customer is experiencing defective performance of products within the warranty period."

Many companies begin a "lean journey" by holding a series of kaizen workshops, or a VSM (value stream mapping) exercise. Such an approach is placing the cart before the horse! Kaizen Workshops and VSMs are analysis tools for problem solving, and to determine countermeasures.

The first step is to have a problem and the more serious the problem the easier it is to align multiple functional departments to be all working on individual kaizen projects to counter a single large breakthrough problem. All businesses have serious problems. If they do not then I would venture to guess they will not be in business for long! Fundamentally, the very nature of business is overcoming a continual series of problems. Continually solving problems is the same thing as continually getting better . . . continually becoming more competitive.

It is true that there a many tools in the Toyota Production System, but, the tools are countermeasures to problems. The idea of implementing tools not in response to a problem runs counter to the Toyota Production System.

Let us consider 5S, one of the most common tools that companies often start with on their "Lean Journey." Asking a work place to simply implement 5S in and of itself, and for no other reason, is commonly not sustainable, and the benefits of which cannot be understood in a vacuum on the P&L report.

However let us consider the following problem "We are unable to plan and perform to schedule because our daily output is extremely unstable . . . some days it is high and some days it is low. We have time-standards in our planning system, but obviously they are not accurate. The Sales team says they cannot rely on Operations, so, we quote "realistic" (buffered) lead times to our customers, and, we are losing business as a result!"

Now that is a problem . . . and in response to the problem we should seek to understand the root causes. There are likely numerous causes to such a problem, but disorganization in the workplace is typically one such cause. If leadership, such as supervisors, team-leaders and foremen, cannot see at a glance if all required tools, materials, and information are on hand and fit for use, then of course the output is not stable.

If, in response to this problem, 5S is chosen as a countermeasure . . . and if we communicate why we need this countermeasure . . . if each day we measure stability in the workplace, and, we begin to personally observe that searching for tools, materials, and information is causing instability, chaos, unsafe conditions, and defects . . . then the company will assuredly understand why we do 5S and how we benefit from 5S. And, we can now measure and understand how 5S can affect profit.

If everyone can, at any point during a shift, know exactly where tools, materials, and information are . . . if we know what is missing, if we know what is or is not fit for use, if we can see all of these as "standard conditions" and see at a glance . . . then the chaos will go down and stability will improve. Then performance-to-schedule will improve. If we ask where a missing team-member is and we discover they were gone searching for something, we then know there is a glaring defect in our 5S system and that it must be fixed right away because the missing item resulted in a variation to the performance plan.

So, we now understand that the most common cause of Lean-Failures, is that people were bent on implementing tools and not on solving specific problems. Leaders did not understand that the tools are countermeasures to problems. To say it bluntly, we must not employ "lean promoters" who act like hammers looking for nails to pound! Tools for tools sake, tools with no specific purpose, will not produce the desired result.

2) The second greatest cause of failure is that a company has no standard system for identifying problems. This not only means that there is no practical mechanism for employees to alert leadership to problems, it also means that there is no standard method to define and solve problems. Typically, people just fly by the seat of their pants. A few people in every company may be pretty good at solving problems, while most, having no training and no method in problem solving simply treat symptoms.

Do we want a few specialists solving problems, or, do we want everyone in the company to be skilled at solving problems? If our goal is to have everyone in the organization to be skilled problem solvers then we most certainly need a standard, time honored, simple, practical method that everyone can use.

Typically there are no concrete measurements in place to know if their countermeasures are working and so problems will typically occur over and over. Problems may even mysteriously go away giving a false sense that the issue has been solved . . . only to reoccur at the worst possible moment (Murphy's Law).

The method that TPS employs is the "Scientific Method," which of course is centuries old. This is the method that the Kaizen Institute teaches.

3) The third greatest reason is management itself. Now, rather than discuss what management typically lacks in supporting a lean environment, let us rather focus on what is needed to support and sustain a lean environment.

Ideally, the function of management is

To foster an environment of identifying and solving problems
Removing barriers that impede problem solving
Developing people to use their creativity with regard to problem solving
Fostering an environment that is objective rather than subjective (blame free - focusing on problems and not on people).
Provide vision and breakthrough business objectives.
To summarize, the top three reasons that Lean Initiatives fail is:

Companies focus on implementing tools and not on solving problems
Companies have no standard system for identifying and solving problems
Leadership does not fully understand its role in creating, leading and sustaining a lean culture
What can be done? The Kaizen Institute can certainly help in this regard. Consider that in the world of professional sports even the finest world-class athletes use coaches. A "kaizen coach" is not there to tell you how to run your business. A kaizen coach is there to help you train, develop, and learn best practices.

Tom Berghan, Senior Consultant, Kaizen Institute.

The Kaizen Institute of Canada will be presenting "Eliminating Waste and Driving Value in Oil and Gas" at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary on June 10, 2015!

Continuous Improvement Manager Gary Rogers will be presenting on how Lean practices can help producers throughout the product cycle.  The presentation will take place at the Heavy Oil Theater at the Stampede Grounds at 2:45pm on the 10th. 

We would like to welcome all interested parties to come out and see this presentation as well as visit with us at our booth in the show.  If you need a pass for the event feel free to give us a call at 403 452 1476.GPS Logo

Kaizen Institute of Canada introduces two new programs available now for delivery to our clients across North America!

The first, "An Introduction to Lean" will provide participants with the knowledge and sills to assess how a Lean operating philosophy can be applied to your business.  It's a practical and fun 2 day program that can be applied universally to any workplace process.

The second "Practical Problem Solving" will provide your staff with the skills to start solving problems sustainably using 8 simple steps.  This process can be used to create more reliable processes, improvement to service levels, shorter lead times, and overall reduction in costs.  This customisable 2 to 4 day program, will bring a whole new level of enthusiasm to correcting difficult process problems.

Kaizen Institute of Canada joins the Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Last week, Gary Rogers, Chuck Cherry and Dan Chartier attended a New Members Meet and Greet at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. It was a great event and we had the opportunity to network with entrepreneurs from all across the city. We're looking forward to having more exposure to Chamber events and networking opportunities.


Chris Stoddart conducts 2 day Kaizen workshop

On January 22nd and 23rd, staff from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto, participated in 2 days of training delivered by Chris Stoddart, Senior Consultant for KAIZEN Institute.

The workshop began on Day 1 with a half-day overview to a group of 36 individuals representing Finance and Supply Chain, including Directors, Managers and front-line staff. Content was focused on Kaizen, Value Stream thinking, Seven Deadly Wastes and Daily Kaizen (DK). The group was very enthusiastic, asking questions and fully participating in the exercises. The identification of waste in each of their respective areas coupled with the understanding of how to apply Daily Kaizen without negatively impacting upstream and/or downstream activities was a key deliverable.

The remaining 1-½ days were spent taking a ‘deeper dive’ with a focused group of 22, who are expected to play a leadership role in the implementation and support of Kaizen at CAMH.

This group spent a ½ day in an experiential environment, learning the importance of standard work and the difference between traditional and Lean leadership.

On day 2 the focus turned to strategy and tools. Specifically:

·         How to develop and sustain a Kaizen journey,

·         How to create a Value Stream Map and identify opportunities for improvement

·         The role of a coach in supporting DK.

Feedback at the end of the 2-day session was very positive and CAMH is committed to moving forward with Kaizen. Leadership from both Finance and Supply Chain shared with the group that they support the initiative and that they will be fully engaged in the process as new behaviours and practices are developed.


Welcome Michael!

Michael Smiles joins KIC


The Kaizen Institute of Canada is happy to announce that Michael Smiles P. Eng will be joining us on January 12, 2015. Michael will be a Senior Continuous Improvement Facilitator and will be based in Toronto, Ontario. Michael will be working on projects across Canada, but we expect him to be initially focussed on one of the projects with PCS in Saskatchewan.

Michael has deep experience in Lean Manufacturing techniques and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. He joins us from his last position as Global MCE (Lean) Manager with McCain Foods. He’s also been Lean Director and Operations Manager with Kodak. Michael holds a B.A.Sc in Industrial Engineering and has a certificate in Lean Productions Systems (TPS) from the University of Kentucky.


Kaizen Institute Canada attends the Americas Conference

Americas Conference

Kaizen Institute of Canada joined Kaizen Institute representatives from Brazil and the US to share best practices and share knowledge on January 2-4.  We all had a great time!

Kaizen Institute Canada is pleased to announce the launch of our new website.
As you browse our site you will find relevant information from both a Canadian and a global perspective.
One of the key features is the ability to register online for our public training sessions. More training events will be announced in the coming months as we expand our current offerings.
Click through the many pages that speak to the rich history of Kaizen Institute and feel free to drop us a line with feedback or any comments that you may have, we would be happy to hear from you.
Contact us today to learn more about how Kaizen Institute Canada can support you with your kaizen/lean consulting and training needs.


Take the opportunity to participate in the special event “Kaizen Award in Romania” on 28 November 2013 in Bucharest.

You will learn more from Best Practice companies how they have achieved outstanding results by implementing the Kaizen Management System.

As special guest speaker there will be Masaaki Imai, the kaizen Guru and Founder of Kaizen Institute. The event is designed for decision-makers from multinational companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, and will be held in English, Japanese and Romanian language. Registrations are possible until 25 November 2013!

For more information, please download the program
For registration, please download the registration form

13 Nov. 2013

(Total Environmental Management Kaizen Institute India

It is the first such integrated service offered in India. It is an integrated approach to Identifying and Managing the five environmental hazards that your or any other organization has to deal with on a day to day basis. Going Green, being Sustainable etc, are no more mere buzz words! It is a business imperative and makes economic sense.

Learn more about TEM from Kaizen Institute India

8 Nov. 2013

The Kaizen Lean award aims to distinguish organizations for their lean efforts to achieve Continuous Improvement.

The award event allows experience sharing and keeps organizations motivated on doing their best. The ceremony is followed by the press and gives an opportunity for companies to show their success with Kaizen.

Portugal award
Spain award


The Kaizen Guru is going to Italy to share decades of experience

Masaaki Imai event in Italy December 2nd

We offer the opportunity for managers or entrepreneurs to meet Massaki Imai, the founder and top expert in continuous improvement and innovation.

Particpate in workshops related to Product, Supply Chain and Sales.

Registrations are free.

Come and join us with Masaaki Imai on December 2nd in Italy. to learn more about Kaizen Philosophy.

17 Oct. 2013

One of India’s most important Kaizen and Lean annual gatherings is back

kaizen indizen 2014

IndiZEN has become one of India’s most important annual gatherings of professionals and experts in the Operational Excellence/ Lean/ KAIZEN sector. The objective of this event is to give you an opportunity to Learn, Network, Celebrate & Share the work done by your organization in terms of implementation of Kaizen/ Lean/ Operational Excellence.
Register in the Kaizen Indizen 2014


Masaaki Imai talks about how to reach true long-term improvement

3-minute video of Kaizen Institute founder, author of seminal books Kaizen and Gemba Kaizen, and grandfather of Lean awareness Masaaki Imai speaking in English (with Portuguese subtitles) about how kaizen leads to lean, and lean leads to green.

Masaaki Imai is hard at work on his third book in which he aims to elevate the conversation about kaizen to the level of corporate governance, true long-term value and a re-examination of organizational fitness based on flow, synchronization and leveling. 

12 Oct. 2013

Come and Join us in Germany for a TFM Foundation event where you can learn more about the philosophy and methods of Total Flow Management.

This training will have a wide appeal from the production Manager to the employees looking for a way to achieve continuous improvement. The event is given in English.

Take look and register for the TFM Foundation Kaizen Lean Event.

A lean course to better understand the fundamental principles and methods of Kaizen

A 4 day course designed to give all participants an understanding of not only the basic principles of lean manufacturing and Kaizen tools and techniques, but also the practical application within the workplace.


Kaizen Institute Consulting Group New Website is online

kaizen institute consulting group logo

In an effort to provide a consistent one approach, one team and global company status, Kaizen Institute Consulting Group has completely redesigned its website with multiple new features:

Take the time to navigate through this new website and enjoy what Kaizen Institute Consulting Group has to offer

21 Jun. 2013

KAIZEN in Logistics and Supply Chains: Learn to create world-class logistics

Kaizen Book

A great book about Kaizen in Logistics and Supply Chains from Euclides Coimbra has been released. Learn to create world-class logistics and supply chains in any industry using kaizen's seven main principles



9 May. 2013

KAIZEN Institute has relationships with over 150 host companies in Japan, the birthplace of Lean. Join us!

Kaizen Kaikaku Tours are an integral part of the services offered by the KAIZEN Institute worldwide. Join participants from around the world on a remarkable tour and experience several world class local based companies in Japan. Our Kaizen Kaikaku Tour partners are successful companies, often honored with awards in their respective sectors. This tour affords a "behind the scenes" view into the production and service segments of our Tour partner's facilities, providing a look at current Kaizen trends in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
23 Apr. 2013

2nd edition of Gemba Kaizen is available on Amazon

2nd edition of Gemba Kaizen is available on Amazon! Read the book written by Kaizen Institute's founder Masaaki Imai


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