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Project Execution Plans
The best-laid plans mean nothing if the on-the-ground execution falls short. Disciplined execution is about the ability to close the loop on every activity, planned or unexpected, every day. The more complex the project or varied the stakeholders, the more critically responsive and accurate our execution becomes. Kaizen’s prime differentiator is execution. We work at your side throughout your project and accept direct responsibility for managing schedules and budgets, proactively tracking and resolving issues, capturing project metrics and coordinating procurement.

Develop Business Justification
It’s impractical to invest in new projects without considering the payback model in which returns and/or cost savings can be generated. That’s why Sphere works proactively with you to document the means for recovering the expenditures associated with each project.

Examples of measures include:

  • Return on capital deployed
  • Cost savings
  • Budget conformance
  • Schedule performance
  • Resource utilization
  • Revenues and profits

The business justification is vital when the project progresses and go/no-go decisions must be made, resources allocated and specific scope elements considered.

Define Project Scope
Sphere’s first step is to define specific project beginning and end points. This includes:

  • Analyzing all options
  • Developing requirements with associated resources
  • Time and cost estimates
  • Agreement on deliverables

We take into account value engineering concepts to eliminate waste and idle time to improve:

  • Manpower and asset utilization
  • Work process flow
  • Material handling
  • Physical plant reliability

Determining a project scope is critical to starting everyone on the same footing. The more specific the details (what’s in-scope and what’s out of scope), the less likely your project will experience costly and time-consuming “scope creep.”

Robust Plan Design
Project plans and schedules provide a solid framework for the time and effort required for each project; they describe what your team needs to do, how to do it and the resources required. Sphere has experience developing comprehensive plans linking all resource interdependencies. We build the integrated plan and schedule at just the right level of detail to fit your organization’s needs.

Document Control
Kaizen’s document control professionals use established industry standard document control practices to successfully manage information throughout all phases of a project’s lifecycle. Sphere recognizes the importance of document control and has developed our practices based on core functions that can be successfully applied to any project.

Project Control
Kaizen uses established methods of project control to provide independent monitoring of multiple projects or multiple components of one project. We build the integrated plan and schedule at just the right level of detail directly with the project manager to ensure consistent, useful, reporting on project progress from the planning phase through to the close-out phase. Reporting and monitoring using project control can help identify trends and permit more accurate and realistic forecasts. Sphere’s unique visual presentation of trends, progress and performance allows management at all levels to quickly and equally assess multiple projects at a glance. Dedicated Project Control also includes implementing and adhering to proper project management processes such as change management, communication management and document management.

Risk Analysis, Mitigation and Management
Kaizen proactively anticipates and mitigates problems before they happen. During the project-planning stage, we identify all potential risks using a mix of primary research and client collaboration, then quantify the magnitude and likelihood of each risk occurring. Next, we develop a risk-management plan, documenting the most appropriate management procedure for each project risk (avoidance, alleviation or acceptance) and use this plan as a roadmap for the lifecycle of the project.

Project Management Maturity Advancement
Advancing project management maturity improves your organization’s elective execution. Using Project Management Services’ highly acclaimed Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3), we work with our clients to assess the current level of maturity, develop an achievable improvement plan and help keep the momentum going by supporting the execution and measurement of the recommended improvements.


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