Construction Management

Construction Lifecycle


Construction Management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a construction project from beginning to completion. It is aimed at meeting a client’s requirement to produce a functionally and financially viable project. 

From concept to completion,  Kaizen’s Construction Management team has the expertise to handle all sizes of construction projects with a focus on:

          • Construction safety
          • Time management
          • Cost management
          • Decision-making
          • Resources management
          • Third-party management
          • Project control
          • Planning

At the beginning of a project, the construction manager prepares a plan that details the steps required, and then calculates the material costs and personnel needed to complete the project. Additionally, a timeline is prepared to show when each stage must be completed if the final deadline is to be met. The construction manager determines the permits necessary and ensures that they are obtained, followed by a review of the project budget and a detailed plan to allocate the funds by stage or by labor, including materials and contingencies.

A construction manager is o$en involved in negotiating with vendors and suppliers to obtain the best price and delivery schedule. Bids from several suppliers may be solicited prior to making a decision. If subcontractors are needed, the construction manager is normally responsible for selecting them and negotiating the terms of their contracts. The construction manager might also need to negotiate with one or more labor union representative to finalize a contract between the builder and the union.

Hiring Resources or QA/QC Services
Depending on the scope of the project, the construction manager might interview and select all personnel working on the site. On a larger project, only the assistant managers are hired, and are allowed to make their own hiring decisions. The construction manager is typically responsible for explaining worksite policy, project goals and safety procedures to workers, regardless of who hired them.

Revising Schedule
Construction projects do not always progress according to schedule. Bad weather, delays in receiving supplies, accidents and building inspectors who are behind schedule can play havoc with the manager’s initial plan. In these cases, the manager must revise the schedule as needed, reordering tasks or assignments so that the final deadline can still be met. Budget revisions might also be needed, especially if schedule changes are going to require additional manpower or overtime.

The degree to which a construction manager is involved in the daily routine depends on the size of the project, the number of assistants and personal management style. At the very least, the construction manager organizes activities and meets with assistant managers or supervisors to review goals and progress. Our construction managers sometimes supervise support staff, such as bookkeepers and administrators.

Construction managers must prepare reports for their superiors or clients. Items typically included in these reports capture:

  • Scope changes
  • Cost overruns
  • Causes of construction delays

Additional reports that might be needed include incident reports if a worker is injured. Some managers prepare the reports themselves, while others furnish the data to a staff member who prepares the report.


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