Kaizen Institute is going to the 2019 Global Petroleum Show!

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Kaizen Institute North America heads to the 2019 Global Petroleum Show

Kaizen Institute North America heads to the 2019 Global Petroleum Show


  • The Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is North America's leading energy event and attracts more than 50,000 international and domestic oil and gas executives from over 21,000 companies.
  • Kaizen Institute will be offering attendees a sneak-pick at our KAIZEN™ Obeya room, 300 KAIZEN™ complimentary online learning videos, a chance to win a free KAIZEN™ training of your choice, and other giveaways!
  • Visit us at the booth #1575 from June 11 to 13 at Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta.

Kaizen Institute is experiencing increased business in the oil and gas sector - both in the US and in Canada – and we’re currently working with some of Alberta's largest O&G producers. We believe that it’s time to work with our partners in the industry to help them demonstrate Alberta is open for business and that we are moving forward as a world leader in efficiency for hydrocarbon resources production. According to Dan Chartier, Managing Director of Kaizen Institute North America, the Global Petroleum Show will be an excellent opportunity for Kaizen Institute to connect with domestic and international oil and gas companies operating in Alberta to learn about their challenges and future projects and share our expertise how to make these projects successful from the beginning or if they are in progress.

“We understand the struggles within the sector. That’s why, in addition to equipping clients with the principles and tools necessary to enhance value-added activities, Kaizen Institute has several O&G specific initiatives. One such initiative is our well pad and turnaround Lead Time reduction and cost optimization. Since introducing this strategy in 2014, Kaizen Institute has worked with several SAGD producers to implement a value stream design initiative on their well pad programs. The VSD results have been significant; it has helped these producers reduce costs by several million for each well pad and reduce overall well pad program by more than 25%. Early implementers of the VSD initiative continue to use this approach to consistently improve their well pad programs and it’s also shown great results in SAGD and refinery turnarounds.”

“We know that oil and gas companies need to drive costs out of every barrel of oil. Kaizen Institute is helping to achieve this by improving processes, procedures, efficiencies and flow. In some cases, oil companies must move to a manufacturing-based approach. Well pads are a prime example where a manufacturing-based approach will reduce the cost of their well pad, thereby achieving the desired impact to cost per barrel”, Chartier said.

The Global Petroleum Show brings together oil companies, suppliers, vendors and consulting companies; we’ll be there to demonstrate how current industry challenges can be impacted by KAIZEN™ methodologies and focus on efficiencies. Come find us at booth #1575, or book a time for a one-on-one meeting with one of our consultants to learn more about how Kaizen Institute can provide a sustainable, competitive advantage to your company.

To book your one-on-one meeting now, email us at ca@kaizen.com or call us directly at 1 403-452-1795

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